Something Blue

Something Blue...What a bout the Wedding Dress?

First Row: Atelier Aimée 25 years Anniversary Bridal Collection
Second Row: (1,2) Atelier Aimée 25 years Anniversary Bridal Collection
Third Row: (1) Juliet Bridal Collection – CM Creazioni, (2) Jorge Terra 2010 Bridal Collection
Fourth Row: (1) Tartan Spirit Bridal Collection, (2) Franc Sarabia 2010 Collection
Fifth Row: (1) Novia d’Art 2010 Bridal Collection, (2) Perle by Delsa Sposa 2010 Bridal Collection
Images via Fashionbride's Weblog


  1. I like the 3rd pic dress...subtle blue...I think a wedding gown should be white for the reasons behind it...

  2. Amazing gowns! I especially love the white gowns with blue accents/trims...so pretty.

  3. Absolutely splendid! Love your blog! -Rachel

  4. Thanks everybody for your comments!
    Deb, I like the withe gowns with blue accents too, but the first dress is my favorite.
    Rachel, thanks for your comments. I heart your blog!

  5. #1 is my favorite too. Sooooo dramatic but so well executed. It's strange, I love a lot of the red dresses too, but this pale blue feels really fresh, especially with all the gray floating about lately.

  6. Late comment, however I just found this blog/site. Love the first picture, minus the neck part. I wore a blue wedding gown with black lace accents for my May 2009 wedding. I learned that white didn't represent virginity, innocence or purity as I thought it did. White gowns came about when Mary, Queen of Scots wore a white instead of red, blue, gray, brown or black (which were the colours in the 1550's) as white was a colour of mourning for French Queens back then. White had more to do with stature and if you could afford a white gown, it showed one's wealth to be able to wear a colour that would get dirty so quickly. And that blue represented purity. I found it interesting so I thought I would share. Wedding dresses, regardless of colour, are always beautiful and amazes me what comes out next...


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