{Wedding Trend}: Contemporary/Loft-Style Wedding Venues

I find contemporary venues irresistible. Loft-Style wedding venues are like blank canvas that allows you to create a truly memorable event experience. Maybe you're a modern bride, but don't want to go completely urban/industrial. At the same time, you aren't interested in a hotel wedding but like the chic feel. These venues are great if you are looking for a place with many great bulit-in details, sophistication and personality.

But if you prefer your wedding reception to be on the classic side in a traditional venue, and still give your celebration a touch of urban vibe, consider these modern spaces for other events like rehearsal dinners, bachelorette parties or bridal showers.

I adore Couture Parties, a local (El Paso, TX) venue. It’s very modern and very affordable. The best part, their packages include lounge furniture draping and lighting. To visit their FB page (click here), to visit their weblog (click here).

2 Photography by Olivia Leight


  1. Wow....This is really amazing blog. I am also here wondering for unusual wedding venues to make my wedding memorable. Please suggest me any special idea for my wedding.

  2. This wedding venue is cool. I like it! Thanks for sharing.


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