Candelabras : A Perfect Combinations of Glamour and Elegance

For all of you glamorous brides out there…today is your lucky, lucky day. Lately, I’m going bananas over candelabras for weddings and today I’m sharing my obsession with you. So, grab a cup coffee, stop reading your emails, get nice and comfy. This is BY FAR one of the most perfect combinations of glamour and elegance on wedding decor.

{Image Credits}  Image 1, 2 and 3: Floral Design by Karen Tran, Photography by Pam Scott. / Third row: Flowers by Blossoms Atlanta, photography by Alecia Lauren and Robin Nathan. / Fourth and fifth row via WedLuxe. / Sixth, seventh and eighth row: Floral Design by Karen Tran, Photography by Artage Pictures, Daring Fong and Vallentyne Photography / Nineth row via Pinterest


  1. Those pictures are very lovely! It would surely be romantic to have that kind of setting in a wedding.

  2. This is a perfect combination of glamor and elegance indeed. Every wedding couple will surely love this kind of combination of style and concept. By the way, the photos look very compelling. You've really put an emphasis on the flowers and designs.


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