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The Wedding Industry in El Paso TX is defiantly changing. This is the first year that six businesses from El Paso TX made The Knot’s “Best of Weddings ” list. El Paso doesn’t have its own category yet, we are under San Antonio. But, 6 businesses from the Capital of the Border made the list. Without a doubt this is an indication that the wedding industry in El Paso is raising the bar. Congratulations to:

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  1. I went for my first fitting Thursday July 8 at Ella Blu and my dress was ivory not white!!! Sales lady "Patricia" was trying to convince us that ivory was the designers version of white??? "Elodia Adamson" the owner and "SophiaAdamson" her daughter were not there and unwilling to resolve the issue for us. We were told that Sophia saw the dress yesterday and was aware that it was ivory and did nothing!!! She just said, "we'll just see how it looks with the (white) vail." Pronovias told the owner that they would not be able to have the correct dress shipped to us until November and my wedding is in August!!! Patricia informed us that she could either give us a refund, a discount on a sample dress, or a free vail??? We decided to get a refund and not give them any business. Elodia is the owner of Bridal Novias as well. I hope word gets out and all stores owned by Elodia lose business!!!! They are nothing but liars!!!! They should not be the knot's best of weddings!!!


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