{Vendor Spotlight}: The French Vue

One of the most important things for your wedding is to find a good photographer. Not only should they be talented and have a unique photography style, they should be able to have a connection with you, so he or she can capture the most important essence of your special day.
Today, I present you a new talented French photographer in town, Azddin Amdaa  from The French Vue . He is one of the great vendors that advertises in our blog and makes it possible for me to bring you a dose of all things "wedding" daily.
Take a look at this beautiful destination wedding with a touch of French style photography.


  1. Looking forward to see more photos. Judging by his website Azddin is born photographer and is someone to watch as he take his raw talent and refines with experience.

  2. Looks really beautiful! I like how the happiness spreads around through TheFrenchVue's photos. I just can't wait to get married when I see such beautiful pictures! Welcome in town Azddin!


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