{Wedding Trends}: Vintage Brooch Bouquets

Shine the day of your wedding rocking a Vintage Brooch Bouquet. They offer shimmery and a mix and match of colors and textures to dazzle your bridal look.
I find this trend irresistible since it allows you to incorporate family treasures into your bouquet. Perhaps your grandmother would be willing to lend you a few. Or, maybe you inherited brooches from a family member that pass away and you can incorporate these pieces as a tribute to him/her. Some brides even asked friends and family to each send a brooch. Then grabbed all the brooches and assembled them to take the form of a bouquet. The day of the wedding everyone could see his or her piece in the bouquet… how sweet is that? You could also check out ebay or thrift stores to located some to match your color palette.

Not only these bouquets  are stunning, they also make a fantastic keepsake from your wedding… a bouquet that will last forever!

Photos above from top to bottom, left to right 
1 Photos by Tina Sargeant via Glamour and Grace Weddings / 2 Photos by Green Apple Photography and Paige Newton via Green Wedding Shoes / 3 Bouquets created by Fantasy Floral Designs via Green Wedding Shoes / 4 Photos by Last Forty Percent Photography via Green Wedding Shoes / 5 Bouquets created by LiosgateDesigns via Beyond Beyond


  1. I also happen to know that LionsgateDesigns (on Etsy) is a super sweety and really easy to work with!

  2. Krissy your etsy shop is pretty nice... you have lots of cute pieces.
    Kristin, thanks for stopping by. Im officially following your awesome blog.

  3. How do you actually put it together?

  4. I don't know how to DIY the bouquets. Bit, you can find a great selection for sale on etsy. Just type "brooch bouquet" on the search and you'll find a great selection of handmade beauties.

  5. what a great collection, very beautiful.


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