Breath-taking Bridal Accessories by Karen Wolf

I fall in love with weddings every single day. Wonderful dresses, adorable details, charming couples… I’m totally smitten with all things beautiful and today is no exception. Prepare to get lost in some breath-taking images from the collections of Israeli accessory goddess Karen Wolf. She’s the creator of some of the most GORGEOUS designs I’ve ever laid eyes on. Delicate, unique and all around elegant, her fascinators and jewelry are not only completely gorgeous, but totally sophisticated, flawless pieces with just the right amount of drama.


  1. I can't get over that blue flower earring! These are all really beautiful I just don't wanna close the page!

  2. Great shot.
    You have created such a mind blowing blog about bridal accessories. Please go and check out also at crystalpurseshop.com.

  3. These accessories are so unbelievably beautiful. I love how fascinators never really out of style! The models have flower shaped bridal rings too - so chic!

  4. Those bridal accessories are really beautiful and unique. I so like it! Thanks for sharing this post to us.


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