Trendy Nail Styles for Brides

Displaying your ring with flair is an element you can’t let go on your wedding day. Take your wedding look to another level by following any of this super fashionable nail styles for brides. (image source

A trend that is on the rise is an accent nail. In other words, painting one nail different from the others. The nail of choice is usually the ring finger. It can be a different color, feature a special design, be sparkly, the sky is the limit! (photo sources: ice cream, pink, aqua, blue)
Ombre has been influencing fashion and weddings in a very strong way. You may have an ombre cake and you may be in the hunt for another ombre element to give your wedding a cohesive look. Search no more! Ombre wedding nails are here! Get your something-blue by doing your ombre manicure on this color. (image source)
Gold is everywhere! From gold wedding cakes and gold wedding dresses to gold event decor and bridal accessories. I you are using this luxurious metallic color on your wedding, you may like this gold wedding nail styles. (photo sources: first, second, third)

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  1. Very glamorous! Love all these ideas!

  2. love the last picture! where do I get my nails like that???

  3. Karen, I do, too. I wish I knew how to do this!

  4. Thanks for featuring this on CreaftGossip, Kimberly!

  5. Where can I get that gold nail polish?????

  6. Anyone happen to know what the flesh toned polish in the very first top photo in this post is? Brand and name of polish would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    1. I love that color too! I wish I could track it down. The image source link isn't working. Anybody know the brand name and color?

  7. What is the Gold YLS polish?

  8. Beautiful! I love the golden sparkles! <3

  9. Yes, that last photo is beautiful for a special occasion like a wedding - even as a guest. I would think you could do that with a nail stamping image plate or nail art decals.


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