15 Stunning Cake Table Ideas

Can't think of something to do for the cake table at your wedding? Here are some of my favorite ideas. (Image Source)
Blanket of Flowers. If you're aiming for a classic/romantic look the first 3 option are for you (1: Florals by Karen Tran, Daring Fong Photography via Southern Weddings | 2: Photographer: Triple Cord, Florist: Nisie’s Enchanted | 3: Photographer: Lawrence Crandall Photographer, Florist: Nisie’s Enchanted). If you want something a bit more modern check out the last option with bright colors and a contemporary cake. (via Glamour and Grace )

Gazebos and Chandeliers. Take your cake from a decor element to a focal point by feature it on its own display. (Left: Benfield Photography, cake by Main Sweets Bakery, flowers by   Junkerman Jones  | Right: photography by Marianne Wilson Photography)
Backdrops. When it come to decorate your cake table, backdrops are the easiest way to go. If you are having your reception and your ceremony at the same place, consider reusing your ceremony display as a backdrop for your cake. Vintage bride photos number one and number three are fabulous inspirations. If your style is rustic chic you'll fall in love with option number two. Now if modern and vibrant is what you're looking for the last cake set-up is for you.

Unique Cake Stands. The cake stand is a great opportunity to bring some personality to your reception decor and incorporate original elements that match or complement your wedding theme (Left | Right)
Floral Table Covers. This is similar to the flower bed, but instead of having flowers only under the cake you place them all over the table cloth. Very pretty, don't you think? (First row: Left and Right | Row #2 via Pictures of Cakes)

More Fabulous Decor Ideas:

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    1. Glad you like them, Damaris! Thanks for stopping by Belle.
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  3. LOVE the vintage inspired photos! I hadn't even thought of how to dress up our cake table, and I'm so glad I found this :)

  4. Such a beautiful and stunning wedding cakes. The designs are awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Do you know where one can find the blankets of flowers to buy? I really like this idea

  6. I'm looking at the cake table lace curtain with the beads. Joe fits this get assembled? The lace is pretty straight forward, but how do you get the beads onto the lace curtain? Is it assembled at the reception and the lace and beads are seen add one? I'm slightly confused as to what I'm seeing. Can you please advise?
    Tyvm-beautiful designs btw.


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