Hanging Flowers- Part 2

As I mentioned before in Hanging Flowers- Part 1, when it comes to your wedding florals, hanging doesn’t have to happen in the entire ceiling. Instead you can hang some flowers from chandeliers, branches or trees to decorate your venue. In this part of the series, I focus on floral chandeliers. Regular chandeliers add a touch of elegance to any wedding, whether a rustic outdoor fete or a classic ballroom event. Bring flowers into the mix and you'll get pure bliss! 
(Images above photo credits - 1 via Maharani Weddings | 2: Melissa Jill Photography via Elizabeth Anne Designs | 3 Flowers by  Blooms by Martha Andrews | 4 Barnet Photography, flowers by Nisie’s Enchanted Florist via Kimberly Bradford Events | 5 Harvey Designs | 6 Paige Chenault Events | 7 White Lilac Inc)

There is many more beautiful floral chandeliers inspirations after the jump. 

(Images below photo credits - - 1 and 2 Courtney Aliah Photography | 3:  photography by Darin Fong, florals by  Karen Tran | 4 Flowers by  The French Bouquet | 5 Brandon Wong Photography,  flowers by Flower Allie | 6 via Preston Bailey  | 7 and 8 Lauren B Photo | 9 NJM Photography, florals  A Legendary Event | 10 and 11: Lauren Chitwood Events)

Other variations of this decor element: Hanging crystals that simulate a chandelier and adorn it with a few flowers, like image 1 and 4. Or using greenery and no flowers if the theme calls for it (photos #2 and #3)

Love these ideas? Then visit Hanging Flowers Part 1, and Hanging Wedding D├ęcor Part 1 and Part 2. You won't be disappointed!

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  1. Beautiful finds! I think it makes the spaces feel more personal and comfortable not to mention a glorius focal point!

  2. Fabulous, looks wonderful! Love all the flower decorations, unusual.

  3. How beautiful are they!!!!! Wonderful.....

  4. In love! What an inspiring collection of shots. Decor can be so incredible. All it takes is some imagination!

  5. Such an adorable art. Very pretty and cute. Makes me fall in love with the design. Whoever made it, is very inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing.

  6. Beautiful photographs, especially the last 4


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