{Wedding Trends} : Lace Cakes - Part 3

And here we are at the end of another pretty week again! Today I will fill your screens with so many inspiring cakes your inspiration folder will be bursting at the seams. I have a little love affair with all things lace (and no wonder why it's one of the hottest trends for 2012), so it will come as no surprise that these little confections satisfies my inner lace lover. You love lace, too? Then joy me as I unfold this array of Lace Wedding Cakes... and don't forget to visit part 1 and par 2 where you'll find more lace inspired confections for your big day. (image source)
For a classic look go with white lace. (Images' sources- from left to right: first, second, third, number 4, cake #5number 6, cake 7, 8th cake, number 9, last cake)
A POP (pop of color)... (Images' sources- blue, pink)
And my favorite combination, black lace over a white cake... so dramatic! (Images' sources- firstsecond, third)
Here are Part 1 and Part 2!

Find more fabulous cake inspiration, following these links:

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  1. Love wedding cakes. They are my favorite part of weddings.


  2. Gorgeous! I shared this with brides wearing lace dresses for a cake to match their dress! Genius! Thanks for sharing!

  3. They look really gorgeous! Really love them!!!!

  4. Love the wedding cakes so much!!! They are lovely

  5. Wow! Those wedding cakes are really mouth watering and elegant. Also, the designs are really eye catching. Thanks for sharing this post to us.

  6. Those wedding cakes are so gorgeous. I love the most black and white wedding cake. Thanks for sharing this post with us.

  7. Fantastic ideas for a wedding cakes! This post is so nice!


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