Escort Cards Table : Floral Arrangements and Decor

Splurging on your escort cards table is a MUST. Here are a few reasons. First, it’s a great place to showcase your entire color palate and theme to your guests.  Second, it can be used as the show stopping piece of your entire wedding, especially when it’s actually placed in the reception and not the cocktail hour space. Third, it can often times have two jobs- offering a great place to display your favors at the end of the event.
I wanted to show you a few examples of different types of escort card table arrangements to give you some inspiration and direction when it comes to your own.

Floral Design by Karen Tran, Photography by Darrin Fong, via Nancy's Brown Bag
Photo by emilie inc. photography,  Floral Design/ via Kate Parker Designs
Photographer: Barnet Photography, Florist/ via: Nisie’s Enchanted Florist 
Floral Design by / via: Karen Tran, Photography: Joseph Matthew.
Floral Design by / via: Karen Tran, Photography: The Youngrens Photography.
Floral Design/ via: Tantawan Blooms 
Floral Design/ via: Tantawan Blooms 
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