Winter Wonderland Wedding

Alice isn't the only one visiting wonderland these days, today we have something beyond your wildest dreams in just a click of a button... A magical winter wonderland wedding! In these magical nuptials straight out of a story book, we lay our eyes on a gorgeous five tiered cake decorated to pure perfection with intricate beading and ruffled details. Damon Tucci Photography took us through a gorgeous journey filled with gray & soft blue tones, manzanita branches with a very romantic touch of tea lights and a beautiful blushing bride who’s dress we can’t get enough of! So follow us into the winter wonderland of Denise + Gary and be ready to be blown away! 

Photographer: Damon Tucci Photography // Floral Designer: Raining Roses productions Inc. // Event Planner: Weddings Unique // Reception Venue: Casa Monica Hotel //Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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