Usually this blog is all about weddings, but today I will make a fabulous exception. I want to share this breath-taking fashionable Baby Shower. I found it a couple of days a go in the Pixy Studios Blog, and I just thought that it would be an amazing inspiration for any wedding… 

I love the photography style of the girls of Pixy Studios, but I didn’t know they also have a great decoration style. Marissa threw this fabulous Baby Shower for Sonia, and between both of them decorated the place themselves. 
“The tables, chairs, linens glassware, dishware are all things I've collected. Things I purchased for my wedding 6 years ago as well as for other parties along the years.” says Sonia
My favorite part is the table decorations and the gift boxes (which contained a single pearl necklace for each guest): All done by Marisa,  "Ever since I can remember Sonia has styled her life in such a classic, timeless fashion. It’s no wonder her biggest influence is COCO CHANEL.”
Venue: Pixy Studios 
Catering: The Pot Au Feu 
Photography: Pixy Studios 


  1. This is freaking amazing. Forwarding to my Maid of Honor to spark some ideas :)

  2. Oh, yeah. Complete plotz over here as well. A single strand of pearls in a black box. I think I can die right now.


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