Suspended Wedding Centerpieces + Floral Chandeliers

Suspended centerpieces and Floral Chandeliers are just some of the things I couldn’t possible get enough of in the world of weddings. They are unique, exciting and on the practical side, save space on the tables. So brace yourself my friends, because I rounded 15 inspiring hanging flower wedding decorations to drool over!
To see more gorgeous suspended flower ideas I have featured before here at Belle, don't fail to visit my posts recommendations at the end of this gallery.

Event Designer / via: Sebrell Smith Designer events
Event Designer/ via: Victoria Whitelaw Beautiful Flowers

LEFT- Event Designer/ via: Nisie's Enchanted Florist | RIGHT- via: Pinterest
Table Setting, Chairs and Furniture: Hartmann Studios Design Center; Photography: Catherine Hall Studios; via Grace Ormonde Wedding style
LEFT- Event Designer/ via: FH Weddings | RIGHT- Event Designer/ via: Tic-Tock couture Florals
Via: southern Bride
Via: Cecy New York
LEFT- via: Grace Ormonde Wedding Style | RIGHT- via: The Texas Wedding Guide
Event Designer / via: Bella Flora
 Event Designer / via: Cecilia Fox Out Of The Woods

Event Designer / via: Evantine Design 

Event Designer / via: Birch Blooms
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  1. Love the birch blooms design.

  2. I love hanging florals, and these are absolutely magnificent! I especially adore the yellow tulips!

  3. What an absolutely amazing collection of floral designs...thank you so much for compiling it!

  4. YES! I finally found this web page! I’ve been looking just for this article for so long!!

  5. Nice post and Such pretty bouquets and table arrangements....What a flowers arrangement Everything looks fresh and clean!! Great job keep it up.

  6. This blog is just wonderful, every day. It has now moved to first place in my blog heart.


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