{Wedding Trends} : Burlap - a touch of rustic charm

One of my favorite wedding trends is adding rustic charm and texture to wedding d├ęcor with burlap. This simple and affordable design element can make for a big impact when used correctly.
Incorporating this material into your wedding is totally trouble-free– its all about using little touches here and there… a burlap table runner, a burlap detail in your stationary, or a burlap candle wrap … basically a little rustic goes a long way! Burlap is not only very easy to DIY, but it’s also extremely affordable – you can find burlap for $2 to $3 a yard or less.
Here are 10 super-cute burlap wedding element to give you a little rustic charm inspiration.

1. Invitations and Stationary: The following invitations showcase perfectly how burlap can go with a variety of styles style; rustic, glamorous or girly.

Menu with Burlap WrapWhite Burlap Invitation, Burlap Cameo Invitation

2. Chair Sages: OMG! I'm in love with this all white tablescape with touches of burlap and crystals... rustic, yet elegant! 
{Spotted Here}
3. Food Presentation: Covering the appetizer trays with burlap is a great way to accomplish a cohesive look without overpowering your decor with burlap details.
{Spotted Here}
4. Ring Pillow: I you are using burlap in your reception you may want to incorporate this material into your ceremony. This burlap ring pillow with a touch of lace would make the cuttest rustic accessory to tie the knot with style.
{Buy it here}

5. Linens: Dress up your tables with burlap touches. The secret to a chic-rustic look is to pair burlap with white or a dark color. I personally love the dark purple linen with the burlap runner. It looks really elegant in a very unique way. Plus the burlap runner is a super-easy DYI project.

6. Favors: Burlap favor containers make great addition for your table decor

7. Bouquet Wrap: My favorite look.. the touch of lace
{Spotted Here}

8. Bridal Clutch: Just a tiny detail like this burlap flower on your clutch will give a rustic-chic touch to your bridal attire
{Spotted Here}

9. Vase Wrap: I wouldn't use this idea for my main center pieces. I would like them for decor during cocktail hour.

10. Other Decor Items: Like Candles and Water Bottles
Candles, Water Bottle


  1. LOVE the burlap round up & am SO thrilled that you selected images from my wedding to be included!!! :) xo

  2. I'm so glad you like it. It was a pleasure to feature images of your beautiful wedding.

  3. You have always creative ideas. These pictures lokk cool specially food presentation :)

    Best Wedding Decoration

  4. These burlap photos are great! Hope you don't mind that we've used them in our latest post @ No Impact Bride.



  5. All of these ideas are amazing. Love them!

  6. Chamonix,

    I don't mind at all I'm glad they were useful. I love your blog.. so many great ideas for the green brides. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Naomi-

    Aren't they pretty? Thanks a lot for stopping by my blog.

  8. Thanks so much for sharing our "burlap and bling" design style on your blog! Stop by and visit us! The Cedarwood Design Team.

  9. What a lovely wedding, perfect pictures thanks for share

  10. These decoration ideas are amazing. I like specially invitation cards design. It is really awesome.

  11. Oh WOW! I love the way burlap looks as wedding decoration! It gives the wedding such a nice rustic touch, especially the burlap on the back of the chairs and used for the silverware holders...oh my gosh, and when the burlap is combined with white lace!! AWESOME!! Beautiful!!

  12. go vintage! That’s the new trend must say.


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