Fall-Favorites Wedding Desserts

There might not be a better season for fabulous desserts! Just think of the creamy, indulgent tastes of pumpkin pie or the tart perfection of a great apple pie. If you want your wedding desserts to be anything but standard, fall is the perfect season.

The cooler weather mixed with autumn’s wealth of great fruits puts together a bunch of delectable dessert options for your wedding reception, as well as for after-wedding brunch and pre-wedding parties like bridal showers and rehearsal dinners. Here are some of the trendiest fall-favorite desserts. Your baker can create some of this for you, or you can bake the other ones yourself to give them as wedding favors to your guest.

1. Churros: Served them as the main dessert (like in this image) or create a buffet with many dipping options, from chocolate and caramel, to raspberry or apple sauce... (click on the links for recipe)
2. Pies: A pie buffet makes a great addition to a rustic chic wedding. But, pies also make great DIY favors. Pie in a can, pie pops and mini-pies are the most famous ones. (click on the links for recipes)
2. Empanadas or hand pies: I would serve them in a trio, so guest are presented with three different favors; apple, pumpkin and pecan.... or just add empanadas to your dessert buffet. (click on the links for recipe)

3. Apples: Serving this famous fall-fruit, isn't only a pretty and yummy choice, but a very cost effective alternative. Follow this links to get the recipes for the twig mini caramel apples, caramel and chocolate apples and apple cider in apple cup.
4. Donuts: Make a buffet with different flavors; try these apple cider glazed donuts or the apple spice donuts for an extra touch of autumn. Or served mini-donuts with coffee at the end of the night. (click on the links for recipes)
5. S'mores: When is cold outside, I can't avoid but crave some s'mores. So, chances are your guest do, too. So choose between the traditional s'more version, the s'more cupcake option (click on the links for recipe) or the s'mores bar. And delight your guest with this cold weather favorite treat.
6. Cinnamon Rolls: You can incorporate them into your dessert buffet as cinnamon roll pops or make these beautiful DIY cinnamon rolls in vintage thin cans favors.
7. Pumpkin: Nothing says autumn like pumpkins, but think outside the typical Thanks Giving pumpkin pie and choose any of these sophisticated pumpkin desserts: pumpkin cheesecake squares, pumpkin macaroons or even pumpkin ice-cream.
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  1. Ohhh, churros are a must. So yummy! But, I'm really curious to try the pumpkin macaroons. I hop the taste as good as they look!

  2. I love pies...I adore pies...I want these pies now!

  3. @Margaret, I do too. I can't way for thanksgiving so I can try the pie in a can recipe.


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