Metallic Wedding Cakes - Part 2

Good morning lovelies and welcome back to another wonderful week filled to the brim with amazing wedding ideas! Back in August when I featured the first round up of Metallic Cakes I thought it would be kind of hard to follow that number, but I think I did it! I created another array of BEAUTIFUL, shiny confections that are going to make you fall in love with gold and silver all over again. I know that I have serious cake addiction but, c’mon, how can I not when I am exposed to such luscious goodness everywhere I turn! Stop by Metallic Cakes - Part 1 and Part 3 at the end of this post to see more shiny cakes.

My new obsession, metallic cake pops... yummy and pretty!
Credits: 1 Photo: Heather Waraksa via SMP | 2 Cake: Let Them Eat Cakes | 3 Image via Luna and Chloe Weddings | 4 Cake: Faye Cahill via Mini Moko | 5 via Hello Naomi | 6 Cake: Faye Cahill via Mini Moko | 7 Cake: The People's Cake via Seattle Bride | 8 Cake: Faye Cahill via Mini Moko | 9 Cake: Blue Note Bakery via Wedding Wire | 10 Cake: The Hudson Cakery via Wedding Wire | 11 Cake: Sugar Realm via Wedding Wire | 12 Cake: Faye Cahill  | 13 Cake: Faye Cahill  | 14 and 15 Cake: Letitia Burca via WedLuxe | 16 Photo: Pearl Pictures, Cake: The Cake Parlour, via Whimsical Wonderland Weddings | 17 Cake by Sweet Memories, Photo: Walters and Walters, via Celebrity Wedding Guide | 18 Cake: Faye Cahill  | 19 Cake: Faye Cahill | 20 Cake: Wendy Kromer via Martha Stewart Weddings | 21 Cake by Cake Lava via Fashionable Bride | 22 Cake-pops via Cake Central

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  1. Oh my gosh, those are STUNNING! LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!


  2. Absolutely gorgeous! These cakes are so glamorous! Wonderful inspiration!

  3. I've started looking this metallic cake stories backwords - from part 3 to the beginning, and now I'm overwhelmed with pics. Awesome.

  4. How do you get fondant or icing for that matter a gold metallic color?


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