Dress Of The Week + Rosa Clara Wedding Tops

Baby, it’s cold out there! And you may want to cover your sexy strapless wedding dress to make it more appropriate for the season without compromising style. Well, I have the perfect solution for you… WEDDING TOPS. Every single one of these tops from Rosa Clara will give your wedding dress a touch of regal sophistication. Lace, satin, chiffon, beading… they are all beyond adorable!.. But, before you jump into the pretty bolero/shrug parade, let me introduce you to my Dress of the Week a beyond-dreamy lace wedding-gown that is perfect for the bride who wishes to make a romantic statement rocking a princess-cut gown. Wear it with the top or without it, it’s still pure loveliness!

Dress: Abanico |  Designer: Rosa Clara 2012

Now.. let the wedding top loveliness begin!

Images via Rosa Clara and Fashion's Bride Weblog

For more wedding tops visit Top It Up Pretty: Boleros - Part 1 and Top It Up Pretty: Bloeros - Part 2. Both posts are full of stunning pieces!

You heart this? I'm sure you did. Now enjoy all these:

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  1. You mentioned all the tops are from Rosa Clara, but where are the dresses from?

  2. Those wedding tops are really awesome and unique. I so like it! For sure the bride will be more beautiful wearing that top.

  3. Weddind dresses are so gorgeous. my favorite is the first dres, this bride in this wedding dress looks fantastic. Thanks!

  4. How would I go about ordering one of those wedding tops? My wedding is in about six weeks and my dress is Mori Lee 1606, but I would like a little lace over lay on top? Any information would be helpful.
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Please visit Rosa Clara's website (link on fist paragraph of this post) or contact them to find authorized retailers on your area.


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