{Weddings Trends} Milk and Cookies

Milk and cookies are uber hot at weddings right now. Whether you’re serving them instead of cake, just as an extra dessert, or in a dessert bar, nothing goes better together than cookies and milk. Check out these photos of milk and cookies to get inspiration for your wedding day.
Milk in shot glasses and mini chocolate-chip cookies are the perfect way for your servers to pass the treat. I love the chocolate milk option... well, I love chocolate anything, I'm basically addicted to chocolate. But, how isn't?
The champagne glasses display is increasing in popularity, as well as the multi-color chocolate chip cookies.
I love the idea of placing yummy cookies on top of a glass of milk with a straw peeking through.
A bar/buffet of milk and cookies is an easy, diy and affordable way to showcase these yummy treats, here are my favorite displays.
Different flavors of milk and cookies are a great way to add variety and texture to your bar. Now if dimmension is what you are looking for, check the stack of cookies on the cake-stand... adorable!

Cookie sticks are a nice option, too!.. It definitely looks more sophisticated!

For a totally out of the box milk and cookies, check the following options.

Credits: 1 via Pinterest | 2 Photo: Jennifer Hughes Photography via A Simply Chic Event | 3 Photo: Avery House via Style Me Pretty | 4 via Hello Naomi 

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  1. Soooooo hungry! Nice blog!!

    If you like beauty check out my new post....


  2. Awesome pictures and some really great ideas to use for entertaining. Thanks for sharing. :-), Susan Cooper

  3. Wow, I could have saved my brother-in-law a bundle. Being a father - I wonder if this idea will still fly when my daughter gets married. Oh Daddy stop being so cheap..... No, really I read it in a blog a few years back... why won't you believe me sweetie?

  4. This is such a simple idea turned into something wonderful! Glad to have found your blog, I'm now following! Really enjoying all your posts! :)

    Ely Ann
    Spicy Italian

  5. I love milk and biscuits since I was a little girl, so this is an exciting new to me they are hot on weddings parties! I would consider this idea when I will get married one day!

    p.s. your blog is really nice, just started following!


  6. Thank you guys for all your comments! I'm glad you liked this post! I'm so thrilled you like my blog.

  7. You are very inspirational I hope you enjoy what your life dream seems to be calling. Cuz its calling you! Go after it! Your joy for weddings is like my joy for love! Keep on doin what ur doin ^_^

  8. the idea of chocolate and milk is just super original ... i love when people comes up with new ideas for ocassions like this


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