Ersa Atelier 2013 + My dress of the Week

Oh be still my fashion loving heart! This bridal collection is the epitome of glamour wrapped up in layers and layers of tulle, crystal and pretty things. Let me introduce you to Ersa Atelier 2013!  Inspired by the Russian aristocratic elegant and glamorous style, the most recent Ersa Atelier collection takes vintage fitted-gowns to a whole new level of luxury and brings into the mix some spectacular ball-gowns to complement their stunting 2013 bridal collection. So I thought I’d get the morning rolling with the Dress of the Week -- which actually belongs to the 2012 collection, but it's way too pretty to leave out -- plus all the pieces from Ersa Atelier 2013.

Here is my Dress of the Week

 And now the 2013 collection...

Visit my section Bridal Fashion to find more pretty dresses and accessories for the big day.

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