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Every day I wake up and pinch myself because I find so many heart melting wedding elements to share with you. Day after day of pretty wedding details after oh-so-pretty wedding things for a seriously amazing gig. But there are some days I have to pinch myself twice because the pretty just doesn’t seem possible – and today is one of those days. I’m going bananas over these unbelievably romantic and incredibly elegant floral handbags by Karen Tran. Whether your wedding-style classic or modern, featuring these lavish pieces on your wedding day would take everybody’s breath away. What do you think?

Credits: 2, 5 by Darin Fong | 6 Pam Scott

After all this beauties you may want to check more flower girls and lavish flower inspiration. Here are some suggestions:

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  1. I am so excited to buy these awesome hand bags. Its so beautiful and unique. Please Can I have one.

  2. This was a very well defined article on how the beauty of our very existence of life forms can transpire into a piece of art to use in our special day of life. What a nice collection of flower bags.

  3. any idea where the dress in the first picture can be purchased??? email me at jenni.netherby@yahoo.com if you know.


    1. Can someone give me the information to buy the flower girl dress in the picture? Email me at ASudaRN212@gmail.com
      Thank you

    2. The brand of the flower girl dress is US Angels available at Nordstroms or Saks Fifth Avenue.

  4. Love these dresses. Definitely much more elegant than the typical flower girl dress.


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