Vintage Pilot Engagement Session

Here at Belle, we love all things engagement. So today, I'm bringing you not one, but two delicious e-sessions for you to feast your eyes on. Let's begging with this incredible shoot captured by Green Tree Photography.  It showcases the vintage style to perfection and yet it will also provide you guys with tons of inspiration for your own engagement portraits, especially if you are into plains! Love that. 
Stop by at the end of the post for a little recap of this couples' romantic proposal story.

The proposal….from the bride-to-be: "Rachel had always joked that the man of her dreams could propose on a post-it-note and she would say ‘YES’. So one evening in February, Billy (knowing Rachel’s heart) got down on one knee holding a post-it-note that had ‘Will you marry me?’ written on it. Rachel was so surprised and said ‘YES!’ It wasn’t until later on March 14th that Billy asked Rachel to go flying with him to watch the sunset. They met at a local airport, but there were issues with the plane he had reserved for the evening and they were unable to go flying to watch the sunset. This was not a part of Billy’s plan. Undeterred by having to keep their feet on the ground Billy decided to continue with the evening’s big plans. He had dinner reservations at their favorite Italian bistro in the park. They were walking hand in hand through the park when Billy stopped Rachel underneath a dogwood tree to get down on one knee. This time he opened a ring box and verbally asked her ‘Rachel Lynette Weaver, will you marry me?’ She of course said ‘YES!’ Unbeknownst to Rachel, Billy asked her parents, sister, and brother-in-law to come and witness the proposal in the park. They watched from a distance and took pictures and video of the beautiful moment. After the proposal and a long embrace with Billy, Rachel noticed her family walking towards her from across the park. Rachel was so surprised that her family had kept such a secret! After many tears and congratulations everyone walked over to the bistro for dinner where Billy had previously made reservations for six. It was perfect! "        

Images: Green Tree Photography | Dress: Saks Fifth Avenue |  Heirlooms and Props: Harrison Brothers Hardware | Make-up Artist: Pro Make up Artists Studio | Shoes: Nine West | Men's Attire: J.Crew  | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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