Carnival Engagement Session

I have a fun carnival engagement session by Britta Schunck Fotografie for you all this afternoon! These two lovebirds from Germany, Nina + Martin, have got such an adorable engagement story. Nina hated the idea of spending so much money on one day, so she had always been set on never wanting to get married. But, then she caught the bouquet at Martin’s sister’s wedding and from that day thoughts of what it would be like to be married started following her around. Can you guess what happened next? Yep - she’s the one that proposed to him! The engagement story is the cutest thing ever, but the pictures don't fall far behind, so enjoy!
Martin and I had spoken several times about marriage and for him it was okay that I never wanted to marry. In June 2009, Martin’s sister got married and who do you think caught the bridal bouquet? ME! It’s hilarious, but from that day on something changed. I even told Martin that evening, “Sorry, but you will never see me as a bride”. From month to month, I thought more about it and I caught myself spending time on wedding blogs even though Martin and I had already clarified that we would never get married, that I was the one who was most against it, and that I would never expect Martin to ask me.

Then I started thinking, “What is the right situation for THAT question?”. At the annual fair, Fireworks, I had the idea that it would be perfect to surprise him at the fair, but I prepared nothing and was afraid of his reaction. Would he laugh? Would he understand? So I waited until we went on holiday. My sister and best friend were sitting at home and waited anxiously for me to let them know it had been done. I had planned to come home as a fiancée! I continued  to wait for the right moment, and after three days I couldn’t wait anymore. It was incredibly hot outside, so I decided to embellish the room to surprise him there instead. As he showered, I took the opportunity to prepare everything. Oh my God, my heart was beating so much!

I blindfolded Martin and took a seat on our sofa. We often surprise each other, so he really wasn’t expecting anything this big. I took off the blindfold and couldn‘t say a word. I handed him a framed photo of me at his sister’s wedding of that moment when I caught the bridal bouquet. With it, I gave him a card with a picture of a couple getting married and handed him a small piggy bank (for us to first save money for the wedding). On the back of the card I wrote the words: 2012… You… Me… Marry? Martin went pale, I began to cry and he asked, “Are you proposing to me right now?!”. I said, “Yes!”. The rest of our holiday was amazing from then on as I finally knew what it meant to be engaged.

Photography: Britta Schunck Fotografie | Venue: fair on the Rhine (Düsseldorf, Germany) | Dress: Zara | Shoes: Vintage | Jewelry: heirloom | Suit: Peek & Cloppenburg | Accessoires: Dawanda | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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