Love Story 2013 By Bien Savvy + My Dress of The Week

I am a fan of sophisticated, alluring and graceful wedding gowns with a touch of glamour. So,  it’s no surprise that I adore the exquisite designs by Bien Savvy. The Love Story 2013 Bridal Collection by Bien Savvy is filled with whimsy and delight... these beauties will make you feel like you’re in your very own fairytale romance. As you are riding on the train of lovely, don’t forget to click on my section "Wedding Dresses" section where you can find the most delicious bridal gowns around the web. In fact, you can hang out there all day if you want. I promise not to tell your boss.

Let's start with my Dress of the Week, called Be in Love. It is classy and simple on the front and sexy elegance in the back. 
Meet Love is my second fave.

I Want Love

Lady Love

French Love

Flirting Love
Dare In Love

I Love You
Love Sparkles

My Love
Love Addict
Love Fantasy
Love Style

Love Me
Completely In Love

 Secret Love

True Love
Crazy Love
 Woman In Love
Believe In Love
 Sensual Love
 Just Love
For every bride there is a perfect dress waiting to be discovered. See my edit of the best bridal gowns out there by visiting my Wedding Dresses section.

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  1. Some wonderful dresses here thanks so much for sharing!

    I have a real thing for lace on wedding dresses at the moment, I even wrote a post on my blog about it recently:

    Lovely Lace

    If anyone wants to gawp at some more beautiful dresses, feel free to take a look ;)

    Again, thanks for sharing such a stunning collection!

    Jessica x

  2. so many beautiful dresses! what brand are they?

    1. Bien Savvy. I love them too: http://shop.biensavvy.eu/love-story-2013-c30.html

  3. Beautiful dresses! But I was distracted by how sickly under weight some of the models seem, holy collar bones!


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