Peacock Theme Las Vegas Golf Course Wedding to Remember

A stop you in your tracks wedding is something we aspire to and Amanda + Jason have pulled it off with style! The vibrant color scheme, gorgeous flower arrangements, and fun candy buffet match Amanda’s radiant personality and high level of excitement beautifully! The bride + groom’s all white color scheme is one that we are absolutely smitten over for its resort-ish, summertime feel.
But, have we mentioned the peacock theme?! The hues of blue, purple, and hints of green, (and the lavish feathers!), give this Las Vegas, Bear's Best Golf Course wedding, a spin on classic meets Hamptons resort feel. Photography by Cardin Creative Photography takes us through the bride’s emotional, love stricken day by capturing memorable moments, like the Amanda’s mom putting on the bride’s very stylish silver, rhinestone encrusted flats.


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  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful Las Vegas wedding theme. I am an avid golfer, and was even married on a golf course in Las Vegas! Your post brought back so many wonderful memories. Thanks again.


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