Traditional + Sophisticated Tent Wedding

Although, we are head over heels for summer weddings, the hot-hot heat has us reminiscent of a cooler, crispier time of year, fall! There is nothing more that we love than a fabulous fall fĂȘte celebrating a future filled with love and not to mention the stunning & very sophisticated decor. From the romantic drapery, illuminating candles, and breath taking lighting, set a new take on fall weddings that have us swooning for more. If this Florida wedding weren't magical enough, Kane and Social worked their photography magic to grant Jessica & Felipe the amazing couple photos they longed for without ever having to see each other before the ceremony, very impressive in our book!

Photographer:  Kane and Social // Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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  1. What a beautiful place! Your pics are lovely

  2. What a gorgeous setup. Love the lighting colors inside the tent and loving fairy lights on the trees in the outdoor courtyard.


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