Glamour with a Dash of New Orleans Wedding

What do you get when you match a gorgeous couple with photographer, Jamie Fender? Photography heaven, that’s what! This stunning photo-sesh has us speculating whether these beautiful photos are from a real wedding or a styled shoot straight out of a magazine. But, as we confirmed, it is a real wedding and our imaginations are just running wild with so much beauty + glamour. So, leave it to Jamie Fender to deliver such an affair filled with very captivating moments from the gorge four tiered cake, indulged with very intricate piping to the very charming walk through downtown New Orleans, to the very moment that this striking couple said “I do!” Ah, if only all days were like today, filled with so much glamour, beauty, and a very cute dog!  


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  1. Wow,this is spectacular!! The wedding venue is AMAZING, the cake, the dress, the flowers, everything is just breathtaking!! In love!!

  2. Oh, so elegant! This wedding looks beautiful.


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