MyRegistry: Your Registry, Without Limits!

Thought about building a wedding registry but don't want to be restricted to a single big box store or confuse your guests with multiple registries?  Look no further. MyRegistry.com is a super smart universal gift registry system offering brides the ability to create their dream registry and fill it with anything, absolutely anything they want. That means that with MyRegistry you can register anything from anywhere, allowing you to create a registry that truly reflects your personality and taste.

On MyRegistry items can be added to a bride’s gift registry 5 different ways:
  1. Using the Add to MyRegistry button which they can quickly and easily place on their browser bar and then choose items from any webstore.
  2. By syncing their existing store registry from a selection of 18 mega retailers.
  3. By linking their smaller registries to their MyRegistry account.
  4. By scanning the barcodes of items with their smartphone while they are browsing in stores.
  5. By directly adding from one of hundreds of major bridal brands that are integrated into our system, such as Lenox.com or Mikasa.com as well as a from a kitchen and housewares store built into our website.

And, if you already have registries with other stores that's not a problem, they'll sync them all up into one easy to use registry.  How simple is that?
Now if traditional gifts aren't what you are looking for, with MyRegistry you can also tastefully register for Cash gifts, like activities or big ticket items that are too large for one person to purchase. Your guests can contribute towards that fund using a credit card. And with MyRegistry sharing your registry has never been easier. This premiere universal gift registry system offers simple integration functions so you can display your registry on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, as well as a sophisticated eCard to easily announce your registry to the world.
Looking for a little registry inspiration? Visit MyRegistry's community gift wall, where gifts are displayed as they are being added to other bride’s registries and find things to add to your own registry.

MyRegistry believes building a registry should be the cherry on the top of wedding planning.  It should be fun, stress free and done in your own time that's why they have hosted the bridal registries for movie stars, athletes, celebrity wedding planners and royalty. They offer A-listers a VIP concierge service to assist them with their needs. But, if You sign up today MyRegistry team will provide you with a free registry concierge to help assist you in creating a highly personalized registry.
So what will it be?  A wood-fire pizza oven? A honeymoon fund? A cappuccino maker? Whatever it is, you can register it at MyRegistry.com


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