Bold Plum meets Simplistic Elegance Wedding

With all this cold weather we thought you may need some warming up, so we called on our dear friend Kate Wenzel Photography to bring you one of the most heart-warming wedding tales + photos we’ve ever encountered and not to mention, miniature centerpieces and a stunning cake that have the perfect combination of simplistic meets beautiful and elegant!  So cozy up enjoy a sweet dose of love!

See, when a bride & groom plan their big day, they plan to the very last detail and rightfully so. As it is one of the most special moments in a couple’s life, but planning the most beautiful wedding never comes with the guarantee that the weather will cooperate. Such was the case in Lindsay and Michael’s wedding... June 15th was a day of joy, love, a bold plum color palette, the sweet scent of gorgeous flowers and a very adorable couple who had planned endlessly for their big day, but then came the rain… It rained, then stopped, rained again, then the sun peeked just for a moment before nestling back into the clouds. Then, it thundered, and poured- a torrential downpour that you wouldn't want to drive in, much less walk in your wedding dress, but the darling duo kept their cool and smiled through the storm. With the storm’s end not in sight something amazing happened, just as these two sweethearts were announced husband + wife and walked down the aisle as one, the sun made an appearance and all was glory!   


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