My Office Makeover Inspiration + Blueprint Registry

Today I’m so excited to share with you a super useful and innovative online service that would take your Wedding Registry experience to the next level, Blueprint Registry. Blueprint Registry gives couples a visual representation of how gifts will actually fit into their home and helps them discover products that truly reflect their personal style. How amazing is that?
Let me share with you that after all this years of marriage, I still have some wedding gifts wrap up in the original box. Some of them would actually never make it inside my house, because either me or my husband don’t like them -- but we are too emotionally attached to the person who send us each gift that would never get rid of them. And some gifts we love, but we simply don’t have a place for them. That’s why I love Blueprint Registry! It is the first and only online wedding registry to offer engaged couples the ability to create a customized wedding wish list based on the layout of their home. So you can avoid having a corner in your garage where all the undesired wedding presents live, and have a perfectly executed plan of where each vase and each frame would be placed in your future home.
They offer a collection from well-known stores, as well as unique gifts from select designers and boutiques. And their "Add To Blueprint" browser button, a Universal Registry Button, allows you to seamlessly add any item from any website to your registry. And their tagging functionality is another feature I love. It allows couples to tell their guest who registered for each gift (bride or groom) and their group gifting feature allows family and friends to join together to purchase any item high-value item the couple desires, giving couples the ability to create price points that appeal to their guests.
And as I mention before BPR makes it super easier to find the products you love by allowing you to search for gifts based on your personal style (traditional. modern, rustic, or vintage) and gives you great suggestions with a combination of crowd-sourced reviews (e.g. Amazon reviews) and style editors’ recommendations. So when I found out about this feature I start thinking, what if I could use Blueprint Registry to find fabulous items for my home-office remodeling, wouldn’t that be awesome? So, I contact my friends at BPR and they allow me to use their services to find the perfect pieces to complete my office remodeling task.

This is my inspiration… super girly and super glam... of course! 
IMAGE CREDITS LEFT TO RIGHT TOP TO BOTTOM {Photography: Rikki Snyder via Houzz // DALLAS SHAW and Styled Creative via The Lennoxx // via The Doctors Closet}

And these are the fab items I found at BluePrint.

Now that you know how you can use Blueprint Registry uber-useful services , just like I did, to find those fab items that would make the perfect nest for you and your future hubby, what are you waiting for? Registry with BPR, it is truly the next big thing in weddings!


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