Modern Sophisticated Wedding in Minneapolis : Celebrating Love & Family

Even if we were too young for it, we can all remember the iconic television show, The Brady Bunch. A mom, a dad and their six children, which was has always been known for its blended family structure. So you can imagine our excitement when Dana Widman Photography sent us their real-life version of The Brady Bunch. We were chipper to say the least!
When we looked through the images of this beautiful wedding day we instantly knew why Dana Widman Photography would say that this modern day Brady Bunch took Minneapolis by storm with their gorgeous blonde locks, irresistibly sweet faces and small-town charm.
The sophisticated and modern reception were held at the Le Meridien Chambers in Minneapolis, while the ceremony was held in the Burnet Gallery, a clean and fresh gallery with modern art wrapping for couple and their closest friends and family to celebrate. The rooftop reception was filled with gorgeous downtown light streaming through the floor to ceiling windows. Layers of clean white linens, fresh white hydrangeas, and sparkling tea light candles laid a beautiful setting for this special celebration.
With a love more beautiful than any Brady Bunch script could ever portray and with a future brighter than the sun itself, we cheers to the happy couple and their six joys!

Lovebirds Holly + Joel grew up less than a mile apart in rural North Dakota, but as they grew up their lives took different paths. Both became parents of three beautiful children and lived equally lovely lives, but as fate would have it, their lives crossed paths and their lives became one. Now, with a beautiful marriage and six gorgeous children, they live extraordinary lives full of joy and laughter.


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