Real Weddings : A Blooming Love Story in Arlington, Texas

Today our very own writer Erika is tying the knot (Yay!) and before we get to our feature of the day we want to take a moment to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Now, let's get to the story... Ever come across a story that's unbelievably adorable? We have, on second thought, it's in our nature to hear absolutely cute couple stories that are uniquely inspiring. Today, we share a story told to us by the undeniably talented, Shawna Hinkel Photography who swooned over this charming duo. Jose & Hilary actually met at a wedding back in 2011 and since their first dance they've been inseparable. But, the cuteness hasn't even begun... The very lucky Jose proposed to Hilary in a delightfully unexpected way. See, it all begun on a Sunday morning when the soon groom-to-be snuck out of the couple's home looking very anxious and acting sneaky to "do work to his car." But, a woman's instinct is never wrong and of course, Hilary knew things weren't adding up, so later that morning she found it strange that her mother had yet to call her like she usually does and being that both Jose and Hilary's mom were MIA, it was a little out of the norm. So after a few hours of playing coy Jose asked Hilary to sit down on the couch while her family surrounded her as Jose walked in with her "favorite dessert" in a plate with a bowl covering the top... Needless to say, she loved her engagement ring and even more so when she found out her mother helped Jose pick it. Fast forward a year later and the happy couple is tying the know in Arlington, Texas. All Gold stars in our book for the luck groom!

Photographer: Shawna Hinkel Photography // Cinema and Video: A Very Special Day // Floral Designer: Angelina’s Wedding Center & Florist // Hair Stylist: AW Wedding Hair and Makeup // Invitation Designer:Belletrist // Reception Venue: Cacharel Grand Ballroom // Cake Designer: Delicious Cakes // Dress Store: Lasting Bridal Couture // Transportation:Premier Transportation // Ceremony Location: St. Monica Catholic Church // Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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