Wedding Republic : An Extraordinary Gift Registry for a Fabulous Couple

Having gone through the process of creating a gift registry, we wish we knew then what we know now, and that is that a gift registry doesn't have to be a standard list consisting of towels, a toaster, or a coffee pot. It can and should be fun- although home essentials are always necessary, there are also essentials that a newly wed duo needs, but can't always be added to a generic gift registry. Having gone through a wedding ourselves, we know that expenses add up and a budget may not cover all the costs so why not create a gift registry that will help provide you with not only the things you need, but the experiences that your budget can't cover... Curious as to what we're talking about? You certainly should be! We've recently come across Wedding Republic, a gift registry that you will love and your guests will love to contribute to. The cool part about Wedding Republic is that it enables guests to give you cash for the things & experiences that are on your wish list, without the horrid of asking your guests for cash.

Newlyweds need a love nest after the nuptials and their guests can help them purchase it or help them do a few home renovations through Wedding Republic all by simply logging and contributing. After all, you need a little R&R after a stressful and probably hectic road down the aisle, so naturally you would like to unwind during your honeymoon, which guests can also contribute to via Wedding Republic without worrying about security. Security is a tour priority for everyone these days, we all just want to do a little online shopping without the worry of identity theft or fraud and of course, a reliable site like Wedding Republic has you covered by applying a security payment gateway and a 256-bit SSL certificate to ensure all transactions are conducted securely.

Plus, anything that is a quick + easy wedding related task is divine in our book, so when Wedding Republic practically takes care of that for you, we are thrilled! As guests contribute via Wedding Republic it will automatically generate a detailed list, making thank you cards a piece of cake.

Are you ready to say 'I Do' to a totally awesome registry? It only takes four easy steps and voila you're on your way to some pretty amazing gifts!
  1.  Create Your Wish List - Set up your free registry in minutes! You can choose from WR's list of gift ideas or customize your registry by adding your own!
  2. Share It With Guests - Share your registry with friends and family through email, Facebook or by adding a custom link to your wedding website.
  3. Watch As Guests Contribute - Login to see who has contributed to your registry. Forgot something? No worries, you can edit your list anytime!
  4. Collect Your Funds - Congratulations, you're married! When you're ready to close your registry, simply login and collect your funds.

Sign up to Wedding Republic today for your totally awesome and perfectly personalized gift registry!

This post has been sponsored by Wedding Republic, but concerns our own opinion. Thank you for supporting our partners.  



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