Ashley + Jim : Engage - Part 2

To continue with Ashley & Jim’s Engagement, I share with you just this marvelous Eco-Chic picture. (A little secret: It’s my favorite image so far on this blog).
Since this part of the Engagement Session is 100% eco-friendly, you’ll be able to find the rest of the images of this second series on our next issue of Belle the Magazine, the Green Issue.
Have a good weekend. And I’ll see you on Monday with Part 3 of Ashley & Jim's engagement session.
Photography by La Foto Bella 


  1. Great photo. I am in love with the romantic meadow look.

  2. I love this, where is that meadow?

  3. I am not sure whereit is. I just know is close too Las Cruces/Mesilla. But I'll ask Jesse the photographer or Ashley the bride and I'll let you know.

  4. They took the pic in a blooming onion field


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