Dress of the Week

Hello Tuesday! I worship Tuesdays because I get to show you the most beautiful wedding dresses I found around the web. And, I can't wait for you to see this one.
I'm always in love with every Dress of the Week, but today's dress... today's dress is beyond-extraordinary. Under my eyes, this Manuel Mota has the perfect balance between glamour, femininity, sexiness and elegance, without lacking princess feeling that every bridal gown should have.
Curves and hips, symbols of femininity, are accentuated in this dress with rebrodé lace, swathed with double silk organza or glimpsed under guipure lace. Pure gorgeousness! Don't you think?


  1. where can i find it in el paso tx?

  2. Ella Blu carries this brand. They can do special orders if they don't have it in-stock.

  3. How much does this dress cost?

  4. I'm not sure! The designer house doesn't publish their prices online. :) But, you can contact a store that carries this brand. Go to this link to find the closes store to you: http://www.pronovias.us/bridal-dresses-points-sale/

  5. Where can I find it in Sacramento ca
    I am in love whit it!!!!

    1. I'm not sure. But you can find an authorized dealer on the Pronovias' website. Here is the link:


      I hope this help. Isn't it stunning?


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