{Real Weddings}: Kelly + Cliff by Dan Dalstra

If only there was a way to snap my fingers and magically end up in this dream of a destination wedding plus trash the dress session. The amazingly breathtaking Barcelo Maya Palace in the Mayan Riviera provided the stunning backdrop and the images from El Paso based destination wedding photographer Daniel Dalstra are just a vacation within themselves. I don’t know about you, but I think I might just take a little vacation in the romantic and tropical love story that the bride shared with us at the end of this post, care to join me?

From the bride... We met through a mutual friend and have been together every day ever since. He asked me to be "his girlfriend" at my senior prom…And of course I said yes!
The proposal... Clint's girlfriend Jen and I planned a surprise birthday vacation for the twin's 26th Birthday. We told them to pack for hot weather and did not tell them where they were going. When we got to our gate, Cliff saw the sign "Punta Cana, Dominican Republic" and the boys were very excited. It was a new place we all have not experienced.
We had a beautiful time. Sipping tropical drinks, basking in the sun, snorkeling, the works. Little did I know...Cliff had his own surprise up his sleeve. He knew we were going on vacation so he and my Mom made a white lie up to go get my ring!
Jen had the pressure of holding my ring from Chicago and for about 3 days in Punta Cana! Poor thing! I thought she was acting a little too protective of her belongings on the trip. Now I know why, she was holding the ring the entire time.
April 15th, 2010, Cliff and I were getting ready to walk with Jen and Clint to dinner. Jen said she wanted to take a pretty picture in the wedding gazebo before hand, so we all agreed. 
There was a wedding in the gazebo earlier in the day and it was still full of flowers. Jen and Clint took their picture and said they would take one of the two of us (Which really was a video of Cliff proposing to me). Cliff was holding my hands and saying how amazing the vacation was, the gazebo with all its artwork on the ceiling and said "Man...I could get married here. Would you want to get married here?" I was confused at all the strange comments and said "Sure why not. It is gorgeous" and then he got down on one knee and said "Would you marry me?" 
The question took a minute to sink in. All I could say is "What??? Shut up? Are you serious?" and of course it was all on video. LOL.
I said yes and as the camera's stopped rolling...I started to sob. It really happened! He proposed!
I am the happiest girl alive and could not have asked for a more beautiful proposal, in paradise with the greatest guy ever!

Photography: Daniel Dalstra | Location: Barcelo Maya Palace in the Mayan Riviera

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