I { heart } these Engagement Session Ideas - Part 2

I'm a free woman! The Wedding Show is over, for now. Time to get back to my biggest passion blogging.
I found some of these images around and I thought they will give me the perfect reason to bring you more ideas on how to incorporate hearts, the universal sign of love, into your engagement session. Take a look at Part 1 right here, I promise is as good as this second one.
You can incorporate hearts even if you already have a theme for your engagement session. I'm loving this retro style e- session by Crystal Clear Imager.
One of my all times favorite images: You {plus} Me {equals} Love. Via Grosgrain Fabulous

More fabulous chalk ideas. A big heart that you can jump into (image source), and the very famous blowing kisses (photo 1, photo 2)
A heart made out of metal... cute and meaningful. Image via Kiss the Groom
 Paper ideas. Love is in the air (image source)

A paper heart garland makes a great DIY project that will give your e-session a touch of extra love. Do red hearts for a pop of color, or shades of pastels for a vintage feeling.

Or just hold a heart together. Image 1, Image 2

Don't forget to stop by and check Part 1  and Part 3 of I {heart} this Engagement Session Ideas.

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  1. Absolutely brilliant engagement shots. Now I have so many great ideas for my own shots when I get them done!


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