The Secrets for Successful Mismatched Bridesmaids

For the last few years, mismatch bridesmaid dresses has been one of the hottest trends on weddings. Everyday visiting my favorite blogs, I discover tons of style-savvy brides who find the most creative ways to follow this trend.
After all, I believe that allowing your bridesmaids to choose their dresses according to their budget, taste and type of body is a fabulous idea. If you decide to incorporate this plan to your wedding, just remember, the biggest secret of successful mismatching bridesmaids is to make your girls wear different dresses yet still look like your team… your bridal party. Bouquets, accessories and colors are elements that will help you achieve a chic mismatched bridesmaids look.
Here are some fabulous options for a successful mismatched bridesmaids look. (Image Source)
Option No. 1: Same color, different shades.
Neutrals, including grey, are so hot this year, especially when it comes to bridesmaid dresses. Neutrals give mismatched dresses a more unified look than any other color. Try them all in a short length like the first image (source) to give you, the bride, a more distinctive look. Or for a more edgy approach mix long and short dresses like image #2.
For those brides that want their bridesmaids to match their wedding colors, the third image gives you the perfect example on how to do it in a color as radiant as red. Same length, same bouquet, patterned tights and same color shoes are the elements this bride used to bring together her bridal party look. Almost the same case apply to the last photo... this one... this one is just pure mismatched beauty.

Option No. 2: Different colors, same style.
Some brides would like to follow this trend, but they still like to choose their bridesmaids’ dresses. Option number 2 is for them.
Pick the exact same dress in the different tones of your wedding color palette looks amazing and gives your bridal party a pop of color. (photo no.1) You may also choose three or four different styles and colors and let your bridesmaids determine what fits them best, like bride number two. For a more eclectic appearance, choose the same patterned skirt with a different color top (image #3). Or follow the steps of bride number four by choosing a patterned dress and let your bridesmaids decide on the color.

Option No. 3: Same color, different style.
Give your bridesmaids the exact color or even the fabric you would like them to wear and let them came up with their own dress. (picture 1, picture 2) Or pick two or three variations with the same dress (image 3, image 4).

Option No.4: Same dress, mismatched accessories.
For a more settle mix keep the same dress for all your girls and mismatched the accessories. You have an infinity amount of possibilities to play with. Earrings, shoes, cardigans, rings and necklaces are just some alternatives.
Option No. 4: Free Style
If you feel like your girls have a great sense of style give them the freedom to wear what they have on their closets. You can always provide some guidance about your wedding theme to keep the look together. For brides who are looking for a vintage feeling this first image is a great inspiration. Glamorous stylish brides check out picture number two… it’s fabulous.
Many bloggers are going bananas with the idea of the rainbow bridesmaids, and I’m one of them. Isn't it pretty? To accomplish this look make sure all your girls will wear different colors and that all the dresses have a simple and clean cut.

You can't get enough Mismatched Bridesmaids? Then, I have good news for you! I made Part-2. Click here.

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  1. great post. Thanks for all the ideas. I'm going with the same dress, different accessories!!!

  2. Looks ridiculous. "Everyone grab a dress you already have and come down to the courthouse, I'm getting married." The Shotgun wedding look.

    1. Rude. One may argue a group of ladies wearing the same exact dress and accessories is a bit...odd. Outside of wedding world, who goes in public dressed exactly the same as 6 of their closest friends? Since when does same = classy and different = trashy? And for the record, I've been in weddings as well as my own. The ones who "grab a dress" are the ones that pick a plain dress that is the same color as their invites and table cloths (nothing wrong with that either). A lot of thought goes into mismatching dresses.

    2. Agree. But it is hard to find a dress that's flattering to all body types. And it is even harder to get 4 or 6 different girls to agree on one style/color without drama. Finally, it is hardest of all to get people to realize that strapless styles, in addition to being overdone, are rarely kind to most body types.

  3. Is there anyway to source where the bridesmaid rings are from? I absolutely love them! I'll check back here if you can post the source. Thanks so much!

  4. It’s really a nice and useful piece of information. I am satisfied that you simply shared this useful information with us.

  5. I don' know why we use the term "mismatch" though... I mean we do want them to "match" , right?!

    1. Uh, I think you've missed the whole point here!

  6. The wedding industry has made everyone think that a wedding has to follow a specific set of rules. It is still a wedding whether the bridesmaid dresses "match" or don't match. What is important is that the bride and groom have support from some of their closest friends as they tie the knot. I don't think the attire of the bridesmaids will change the awesomeness of the wedding, or the happiness of the bride and groom's marriage.

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  8. I will be getting married next summer, and although I will be the bride, it is very important to me that my bridesmaids will feel good on the day. Matching them will not work as their skin tone and hair colours are completely different as well as their body shapes. For me, mismatch is the only way to go.

  9. Anyone have an idea where the bridesmaid dresses from photo #1 are from?

  10. Thank you so much for both part 1 and 2 of this article because I just emailed the options to my bridesmaids. However i had no idea of the mismatched wedding and almost started to panic about how that will look. I'm going with same style dress, but two different colors (4 Bridesmaids). After reviewing your article I'll do their bouquets the same, but different than mine. Thank you again i'm much calmer with all these choices and ideas and to know i'm not the only one.

  11. I have always said that I would choose the colour of the dresses and my bridesmaids could choose their own style. After being bridesmaid several times and wearing dresses and shoes that I didn't always feel comfortable in, I think it would be hypocritical of me to force others to bend to my will (as it were). The day is about celebrating a union, not about what we are wearing and if one of my girls wants to come in a cocktail dress and converse (which I'm pretty sure one of them will!) that will be fine with me because she will be happy and comfortable and will have a dress that she will wear again and again. I loved the article because it showed me options I hadn't even thought about in order to keep some sort of unity in my team of bridesmaids. Wonderful.


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