Lazaro Bridal Fall 2012 + My Dress of the Week

Happy Tuesday! And it sure is a happy one here at Belle the Magazine. Today I bring you the latest collection of the incredibly talented designer Lazaro. Yep, the Lazaro Bridal Fall 2012 Collection is out and I couldn't be more thrilled. It features some of the hottest fashion trends we saw on the runways of Bridal Market, but with the signature Lazaro touch... girly and glamy! (more on those bridal trends right here)

First up, my Dress of the Week. I can only describe this piece as TO-DIE-FOR! I'm completely smitten by the back of this gown....WOW!
The rest of the collection isn't any less fabulous, so keep scrolling down!

Images via Bridal Guide
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If you want to see more of Lazaro's designs follow this links:

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  1. Wow those dresses are ridiculously stunning. Any idea what they range in price? I'm in love with the colorful toole.

  2. When will the collection be made available?

  3. Wow! Those wedding dress are really beautiful and unique. The styles are really awesome. Thumbs up for sharing this post to us.

  4. I absolutely love the look of the first dress. Seriously amazing!!!! All these dresses look great but that first one has me.


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