Collect Your Guests’ Photos Automatically with Wedding Snap

Have you ever been to a wedding and seen a few disposable cameras scattered on all the tables? Brides and grooms will often provide these at their reception in the hopes that their guests will take candid photos for them during the event.  But with today’s available technology, you really don’t need to provide cameras anymore.  Instead, you need to provide a way to get the pictures that your guests are already taking.  Since everyone is always on their phones, why not make it even easier for your guests to upload photos of your wedding from their phones directly to you?  Well, my friends, with Wedding Snap collecting your guests’ photos is 100 times easier!  Wedding Snap is a new photo sharing website for weddings that provides FREE iPhone and Android apps for all your guests. Check out the app right now by texting “APP” to 404-721-4515

know there are many online alternatives out there to do wedding photo sharing; e-mail, Facebook, flickr, etc. But, with Wedding Snap there is no need to worry about scouting around Facebook or begging your guests for months.  Wedding Snap iPhone and Android wedding apps instantly gather the pictures your guests take at your wedding in one online private album.  Just sign up and then your guests can download the app for free and access the album with a code. Easy as pie! Just check out their website to see the simple 3 step process.

And did I mention that people who don’t have smartphones can upload their pictures from their computer to your album after the wedding. Awesome, huh?...That's why they are one of the top wedding apps in the market. I only wish there was something like Wedding Snap around when I got married! They have so many cool features:
• Real-time photo sharing
• 250 customized print information cards.
• Unlimited photo storage for one year
• Separate albums  to collect all your wedding memories in one place, from the engagement party to the bridal shower and beyond.
• Ability to project your photos live on a screen at the wedding (the slideshow is monitored in real-time by Wedding Snap to make sure pictures are appropriate)
• Ability to get your images retouched by a professional photographer.

Be sure to check out Wedding Snap today. I just know you’ll love it!

And don't fail to take advantage of their special Belle The Magazine offer and get 50% OFF on their original or premium package. It is only for the first 10 Brides who sign up with the promo code: Belle50 . So hurry up!
As a bonus, one lucky bride will be selected to have all her photos retouched and turned into professional quality by a professional photographer ($200 Value).


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  1. Brilliant!! thank you for sharing!

  2. so amazingly awesome! What is the song on the video? I love it!

  3. Has anyone use this yet? I see the reviews on the app in the market area and they don't look too promising for the money.

  4. My brother used this at a wedding and he said the wedding couple were pretty happy with it.

  5. Wedding photo-sharing apps are the way to go now. They make it so easy and some even do slide shows at the reception, too!

  6. There is also the apps that are free of charge for the bride and groom called Appy Couple and Wedding Party on the iTunes app store! Appy Couple is a beautiful app that does more than just allow there to be photos taken during the wedding by the guests. It has the wedding details about the event that can be posted, it does RSVP, there are themes you can pick for your guests when hey view the wedding details, and so much more!

  7. I used wedding snap twice before (for my friends weddings and not mine! lol) and liked it a lot. My best friend who got married last week didn't like it that much so we decided to search for other options. We found a website called wikialbums.com. They have an option for events that is called "wikicapsules". we signed up with the website and created one to see how it works and feels. They are like password protected sites and are free. Also, nice layout and very easy to use. you can invite your guests so they can add their own pictures or view the pictures. All they need is the date and the passcode to enter the page.

    we were very impressed... but the only problem was that we could not find any reviews awhen we search for them online. Has anyone used this? If you have, can you please share your thoughts?


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