Jasmine Bridal Collection Fall 2012

Tuesdays are all about bridal fashion around here! And if you are a frequent of Belle The Magazine, you probably know that every fashion-Tuesday I feature a gorgeous wedding gown under my section Dress of the Week. Lately I have been sharing with you not only the dress of the week, but the entire designer's collection. But no today! Today we're doing something different. I'm saving my beyond-stunning dress of the week for later on...yep, you gotta wait, honey...but, trust me is so so worth it. 
Meanwhile, let's begin the bridal fashion parade with some gorgeous dresses by Jasmine Collection. I  can only describe these pieces as the perfect princess-like collection with sleek, ethereal styles that enhance your timeless wedding day style ensuring an elegant look that will live on forever.
Style # F141059
Style # F141052
Style # F141070
Style # F141063
Style # F141056
Style # F141054
Style # F141058
Style # F141068
Style # F141055
Style # F141062
Style # F141060
Style # F141061

Let me help you find the wedding dress of your dreams. Visit my hand pick selection of fabulous gowns at the Bridal Fashion section

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