Jim Hjelm Occasions Bridesmaids Fall 2012 Collection

Your lineup of lovelies are important. Beyond important. They are there with you through thick and thin (and maybe a mini break down or two) so making sure they strut down the aisle in style is oh-so-important. That's why this "Fashion Tuesday" I bring you the new Jim Jhelm Bridesmaids Collection. Be prepared to be totally smitten with trendy colors and flirty looks... these dresses caught my eye with their feminine ruffles and their gorgeous silhouettes and there's definitely no going back. I'm in love!

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1 comment:

  1. So gorgeous!! Let's see... my favorites are the top two, the pale pink one (number 15 I think), the one that looks like the first (number 18), and the deep pink one right after it.


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