Galia Lahav 2012 Bridal Collection + My Dress of the Week

Yesterday it was Fashion Tuesday here at Belle The Magazine, but we didn't get the chance to present you our Dress of the Week. So, today we're bringing you that awesome gown that that will rock.your.world for the rest of the week plus the breath taking collection that it belongs to.
Sophisticated, elegant and all kinds of fabulous – Galia Lahav 2012 Bridal Collection is outstanding. Think jaw-droppingly gorgeous creations with one romantic, yet sexy detail after another and you’re on the right track. Yep – these are the kind of gowns you thought could only exist in your dreams, but here they are… just waiting to make your fairytale a reality. Care to spend the next hour (or two, or three) basking in all of the pretty?

Did you love it? I know you do... Well, then you must see Galia Lahav 2013 Bridal Collection.
To see my edit of the best bridal gowns out there visit my bridal fashion section.

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  1. these dresses are gorgeous!

  2. It is a joke that I find out about this dress when Im already married !!!!!

  3. Um, how tall are these models? 9 feet tall? The skirts on all the dresses look SO LONG.
    They are gorgeous, but I am wondering if they have been photoshopped to look that long.

  4. Where can you purchase these dresses? Specifically the first one.

  5. Please contact me idan@galialahav.com to purchase these amazing dresses

  6. We love seeing how much people are loving Galia Lahav!! Our boutique in California just started selling this line, and the dresses are truly stunning!

    -Kinsley James team


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