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As you head off into engaged bliss and start planning the wedding of your dreams, one of the more exciting to-do’s on that ever-growing list will be to register. Woohoo! And Wedding Republic should be your first stop. They believe that your registry should be as unique and personal as every other part of your Big Day and we couldn’t agree more.

Wedding Republic is a beautiful online registry that allows you to quickly set up a personalized wedding registry full of gifts that you really want and need. Whether you’re asking for a down payment for a house, a honeymoon, a donation to your favorite charity or a great bottle of wine– or just register for cash, it’s up to you. Nothing is off limits.
Customize your wish list with gorgeous images, or scan through their gift suggestions to give you a head start. Wedding Republic offers you flexibility, so if you registered for a frappuccino machine, but ended up deciding you didn’t want it, you don’t need to worry about return policies, shipping charges or multiple trips to the store because you got cash! 

Wedding Republic is convenient for your guests too, because it allows for easy shopping without unnecessary trips to the store. The WR team believes that your registry is more than just a gift list- it’s a way to tell your guests how you plan to live your lives and make them feel as though they are part of the big picture. No one needs to worry about being the last to get to the registry only to find they are stuck purchasing a set of towels, when they really wanted to get something more meaningful. With Wedding Republic guests can contribute towards the fun and important things in life. Plus their signature puzzle piece feature gives you the ability to break apart expensive gifts, say a trip to Italy, into smaller, affordable pieces so guests can each contribute to a portion of the trip. 

To ensure your registry creation goes smoothly, you’ll have access to your own personal wedding registry consultant. Your consultant will address any questions or concerns you might have about setting up your registry, wedding registry etiquette or anything else!

So head on over to Wedding Republic, and register for exactly what you want and need to build your newly wedded life together. Happy registering, lovelies! xoxo


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