My Birthday Giveaway

Happy weekend, lovelies! Tomorrow is my birthday! I'm turning 31. Wow, it sounds like by now I should be a totally serious adult, but honestly I feel like the same girl that step in college for the first time 13 years ago - maybe just a bit more confident. I was always very shy, but I have learned to let go of my fear of "what people think about me". So, to celebrate THAT and to celebrate my birthday I want to do little constructive criticism exercise and at the same time I wanna give back to you, my lovely readers, who give me so much (it sounds cheesy, but it is true).
Let me explain. I'm giving a lucky winner a $50 eGift Card from Sephora that you can redeem at stores or online. Pamper yourself with a new moisturizer (so necessary for the upcoming cold weather) or get a few new stylish shades of nail polish for the fall/ winter season... the choice is yours! What I ask in return is for you to leave a comment below telling me ONE thing you love a bout Belle The Magazine and ONE thing you'll change about the site.

(cake picture by Erich McVey Photography)

I'm looking for ways to improve my site, and who could be better to ask for advice than you. I'm also thrilled to be able to do a giveaway that comes from me and not a sponsor... It's just feels more personal this way. Well, here is the break down on how to participate.

1. Leave a comment below telling me 1 thing you love about Belle The Magazine + 1 thing you would change. It could be anything, from a particular post or our gallery of wedding dresses, to the colors and the design. Please leave your email address so I can contact you if you are the winner.
2. The winner will be chose randomly and will be announce next Saturday October 26, 2013.

Thanks in advance and good luck!

xoxo ~ Alex


  1. Happy birthday first of all!!!! I would like to congratulate you on the magazine, and I would have to say that the thing I like most about it it's ability to appeal to all types of brides by showing non-traditional dresses and ideas. I love seeing your pins on pinterest and facebook, it encourages future brides to indulge themselves into their weddings. However, one thing that I would like to see more it's local venues for wedding, as many people have a hard time finding the perfect place for their wedding.


  2. I love that I can find inspiring ideas regarding my future wedding & one thing that I would change it's really hard to find 'cause it's a really nice site.. but since I have to say something.. that will be : I will love to find on this wesite ideas for a bridal shower XX hopw I win :D

  3. First Happy Birthday Belle Magazine! I love your pinterest boards for their variety and dedication to all things beautiful!!! It is very difficult to find anything I would suggest to change so I will go the direction of something to add... it might be helpful to put together bridesmaids looks (similar to how polyvore puts together outfits). This way less creative brides are able to put together a look that appears professionally styled... meaning a certain color dress with a certain color statement necklace and shoes.


    1. I love belle magazine because it helps me dream about my wedding one day hopefully soon. Still not engaged, but I love to read about the latest looks and pin them on my pinterest board. One criticism is that there could be more interactive videos with women who are engaged and planning or recently married on the website. I am more visual. Thank you!

  4. Happppyyy early birthday!

    I love your web site and check it daily since it's always different and fun to look at. I love the wedding dress section since the pictures are big and easy to look at =) I would love to see more budgeting ideas and things that have prices to them. Pictures are great to look at, but I would like to know how much some of the stuff like dresses costs. I hope I win! =)


  5. I love all your dresses and ideas you post. There is definitely something for everyone's likes. If I were getting married or even renewing vows you would be the first place I would look. Love everything u put!!!

    Have an awesome birthday

    email: njuarez07@gmail.com

  6. The one thing I love about Belle the Magazine is the photography that is used! I think the photos that are used are beautiful and inspiring to any audience. The pictures also capture the essence of a chic and sophisticated wedding! One thing I would change about the website is the header image layout. I think the website has amazing content, but the layout of the header image does not do it justice. Love the site though! Keep up the great work and Happy Birthday! :)

  7. 1. Happy Birthday!!

    2. I LOVE that you aren't afraid of showing bold, glamorous weddings and ideas (especially when it comes to decor and your features on dress designers, you definitely showcase gorgeous things), as well as more laid back simple ones as well. There's something for all types of brides and brides-to-be.

    3. I would love to see more features on bridal accessories (shoes, veils, jewelry etc), or general styling ideas for the big day.

    Christine Antoine

  8. I love when you do the bridal designer spotlights and have your favorite dress -- I guess if I had to pick one thing I'd change -- showcase even more actual weddings and their decor ideas

  9. Whoops! My comment in reference to designer spotlights and highlighting more decor ideas - forgot to include email: daisybaby217@aol.com

    My favorite thing by far are the wedding inspiration posts where you tie everything (dress, decor, food, etc) together with a theme (a color, vintage, location, etc.)!
    One thing I would change would be when you use the search (find it) bar, it would be great if it would bring up a picture thumbnail of the post instead of just the link, But otherwise great job, I still enjoy your blog as much as I did before I was married =)


  11. Happy Birthday!

    I love how detailed the themes are. You cover every aspect of a wedding. However, I would love to see more hairstyles and makeup ideas as well as venues. jojobeautyguide@gmail.com

    1. Happy Birthdayy!! :)
      I visit this site DAILY. This site is, hands down, my favorite wedding site!!
      What I love the MOST is that you feature real weddings. I love seeing how other brides put their ideas together- very inspirational!
      What I would change: I would like to see more brides of different cultures and backgrounds :)

  12. Happy birthday!!
    1. I LOVE the dress posts that showcase current seasons for bridal designers. Your pictures are huge and detailed, and I love picking out my favorites!
    2. I would love to see less of the obviously sponsored posts (ie. the helicopter tours, etc.). They seem to take away from the beauty and fun of your blog.

    Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  13. Oops forgot my email address! :) smalltwnfashion@gmail.com

  14. Happy Birthday! I love all the pictures you post. Almost everything you post I end up pinning to my own board on Pinterest. I would like to see some more budget friendly options when it comes to decor and dresses. Most of the ideas while stunning can be a bit pricey for an average bride on a budget.

  15. Happy Birthday!
    I love everything you post. Almost everything that you come out with I end up pinning to my boards on Pinterest. Everything you select for this blog is stunning.
    I would like to see more budget friendly options for average brides. Although all of the ideas on here are incredible in detail, most are high in price whether it be dresses or decor.


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