10 Save the Date Magnets You’ll Love

Looking for fresh - new ideas to announce your Save the Date? Well, have no fear loves, we are big fans of innovative ideas so we rounded up a few of our fav Save the Date Magnet announcements from some of our friends around the web to bring you “Save the Date” joy!
We all know how important a Save the Date announcement is, as its main purpose is to prepare your loved ones for the BIG day, but with life happening so quickly, your guests may lose track of where they placed their announcement so why not look to very cute & practical Save the Date announcements... Magnets!

Our lovely friends at Minted have a wonderful selection to choose from…
If your little heart is set on a little bit more formal-chic look Minted offers Flourish Save the Dates (1st pic), but if you’re looking for a more fun flare you can always choose You in or What Save the Dates (2nd photo) with a very cute + fun message, but if you’re on the more romantic & cozy side, you have two great options choose from, Stitched Flags Save the Dates (3rd photo) as well as Lace Save the Dates (4th pic)! 

http://www.shareasale.com/r.cfm?u=566053&b=120126&m=17025&afftrack=You%20in%20or%20What%20%2D%20STDM&urllink=www%2Eminted%2Ecom%2Fproduct%2Fsave%2Dthe%2Ddate%2Dmagnets%2FMIN%2D9G1%2DSMG%2Fyou%2Din%2Dor%2Dwhat%3Forg%3Dphoto http://shrsl.com/?~4iip

When it comes to announcing one of the most significant days in your life, letting your imagination run wild with beautiful magnet Save the Date ideas is what Wedding Paper Divas does best!
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Wedding Paper Divas offers Spotted Sentiments: Hazelnut Save the Date (5th pic) accompanied by a very short and sweet timeline of the most significant aspects in you & your beau’s relationship, but if you’re looking for a more dreamy-sophisticated feel, Opaque Dream: Almond Save the Date (6th photo)is perfect for you! But, if short + sweet is more your cup of tea then enchant your guests with Enchanted Embrace: Umbre Save the Date (7th pic) announcements. [Enjoy Up to 15% Off Save the Date Orders until 11/19/13 with promo-code 15STNOV]



But, we are not done charming your hearts off with these amazing Save the Date Magnets, our wonderful friends at Love vs. Design have a few gorgeous Save the Date magnet announcements that will have you swooning!
Be prepared to be swept off your feet with Secret Crush Save the Date (8th photo) magnets that have a very vintage chic feel to them, but you may just be saying “I do” to the always romantic Charming Seal Save the Date magnet (9th pic) announcements that are sweet and very charming. But, if you’re looking for a simple-vintage chic save the date, look no further as we introduce you to Simple Seal Save the Date (10th photo) magnet announcements that are absolutely to-die-for!



Whichever Save the Date design you may choose, we know you will have a difficult time deciding with all these  great options to choose from, but we absolutely guarantee that you will love them all! So drop by Minted Wedding Paper Divas  and Love vs. Design to be blown away!


  1. Wow,the 10 save date magnets are very beautiful!Thanks for sharing!

  2. Well, these are really very much beautiful and attractive magnets having beauty to gain anyone’s attention easily.

  3. Beautiful save the date magnets! All these designs are so attractive and stunning! Thank you so much for sharing these lovely inspirational save the date magnets.


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