A Peace of Mind is a Piece of Cake with Markel Event Insurance

If you're a bride-to-be, you've already dreamed up your perfect day, made your wedding-to-do list, and have checked it twice, but then the question arises, "what if?" "What if my photographer bails?" "What if my wedding planner is a fraud?" "What if there is an unforeseen illness in the family?" There's no need to panic loves, you can rest assured that we're here to help and we've called in the experts for reinforcement, Markel Event Insurance.
Markel Event Insurance  coverage is a MUST HAVE for your big day.  Not only can it reimburse you for any non-refundable deposits you may have if you have to cancel or postpone your wedding due to unforeseen circumstances such as vendor bankruptcy, extreme weather like hurricanes,  an accident or illness to the bride or groom (or one of their immediate family members), or military deployment, but it also will(more importantly) give you peace of mind so you don’t need to worry about the “what-if’s” and you can focus on all of the details of your big day.  Plus, Markel also offers Wedding Liability Insurance coverage which would help protect you and your groom from financial loss if an accident occurred at or after your wedding (like if Uncle Bob accidently fell on the dance floor and broke his leg or if your maid of honor had a few drinks too many and got into a car accident on the way home).
As we’re well aware, when it comes to your big day any piece of information can seem overwhelming, so to ease the stress Markel Event Insurance has kindly provided us with real-life wedding claims we can all relate to.

–The Stubborn Photographer
As a little girl, Catherine’s mother shared stories of her wedding day while they looked through her mother’s scrapbook. The pictures of her mother in her beautiful dress and her father gleaming as her mother walked down the aisle were what brought her parent’s love story to life for Catherine. When Catherine thought about her wedding day, she knew she wanted all of those special moments to be preserved in the same way as her parents When she chose a wedding photographer, she made sure that no stone was left unturned - not only would she have gorgeous pictures and a scrapbook to share with her future children, she also would have a DVD album and a slideshow of the special day. Catherine checked “Wedding Photographer” off of her “Wedding To-Do List” and went on with her planning.
A week after she booked her photographer, the photographer called and said he could no longer photograph her wedding for her. The photographer (an independent photographer contracted through Catherine’s venue) refused to work with Catherine’s venue, as they still owed him money from a few previous weddings. Suddenly, Catherine was back at square one. She had to find a new photographer that would work with her venue and provide all of the services her original photographer was going to offer. Catherine would also have to pay for it herself, as the venue had already taken her payment for her current photographer. Then she remembered that she had purchased Wedding Cancellation Coverage from Markel Event Insurance. Catherine was able to recoup the deposit she had paid for her 1st chosen photographer.  Plus, Markel paid for another photographer to complete the keepsake DVD album and slideshow for her as those were included in the original contract but the 2nd photographer was unable to perform those services. Catherine was able to enjoy her wedding day, making the pictures and future memories that much more beautiful.

–The Bankrupt Venue
It was just a few weeks before the wedding and Annie and her fiancĂ© Joe were making dinner as they watched the evening news. Only half paying attention to the news as she was putting together a salad, Annie heard their wedding venue mentioned, and her ears perked up. The local news station was reporting that her venue had just declared bankruptcy and was closing indefinitely. In a state of panic, Annie tried to determine just how much she had already paid the venue, and she realized it was over $9,500. Devastated, she asked her Joe what they were going to do. Then, they remembered they had purchased Wedding Cancellation Coverage from Markel Event Insurance. They gave Markel a call and were comforted when they found out they had options.  Rather than cancelling the entire event, Annie and Joe decided to book another venue for the same date.  Markel would cover the non-refundable deposit the couple had made to the now bankrupt venue and the additional expense of moving the wedding to the hall down the road.  
Because Annie and Joe knew of the value of Wedding Insurance and had their Markel claims payment in hand, they were able to secure a new venue and have the wedding of their dreams.

As you can already see, Markel’s Cancellation Coverage has you covered in all aspects of your big day from if your photographer suddenly goes missing with your deposit, if your venue declares bankruptcy , a sudden  illness strikes the bride or groom,, wedding planner fraud, military deployment, & so much more…
Not convinced yet?  Visit Markel Event Insurance  or call 1-855-480-9757 to get a quote and learn why you should protect your special day.  With policies starting as low as $75 (the actual price of your specific policy is based on location, the coverages you choose, and your total wedding budget), it is highly worth it!
P.S. They even have Wedding Liability Insurance if your venue requires it. (I know, they really have thought of everything!)

 This post has been sponsored by Markel Insurance, but concerns our own opinion. 

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