Yolan Cris 2010 Divas Bridal Collection

If you read this blog before, then you already know how much we like Spanish bridal designers. Today, I present you Yolan Cris, I saw these designs for the first time in the Pasaralea Gaudi 2010 and I instantly recognized their innovation and uniqueness. They don’t provide dresses for the traditional brides, they design for the bride that wants to be different.
Yolan Cris has four magnificent and groundbreaking bridal collections, and one sassy evening gown collection. This time, I present you the super glamorous Yolan Cris 2010 Divas Bridal Collection. It’s inspired by the glamour of the 1930’s. It’s chic, its elegant, it’s fabulous!   Edited by Jacqueline Garcia

Images via Fashionbride’s Weblog

Si has leído este blog, sabrás cuanto nos gusta la moda nupcial española. Hoy les presento a Yolan Cris, descubrí sus diseños durante la Pasarela Gaudi 2010 e inmediatamente me di cuenta de su innovación y originalidad. Es obvio que no ofrecen vestidos par alas novias tradicionales, diseñan para aquellas novias que buscan ser diferentes.
Yolan Cris cuenta con 4 magnificas y poco convencionales colecciones para novia y una excepcional colección de vestidos de noche. Esta vez quiero mostrarles la súper glamorosa colección Divas 210 de Yolan Cris.  Sus vestidos están inspirados en el encanto  de los años treintas, ¡son elegantes, refinados y están increíbles! 


  1. Thank you for sharing. These gowns are oh so glamorous!

  2. do you know what price range yolan cris' wedding gowns are in? been searching for ages and can't turn anything up. don't want to fall in love before finding it's beyond budget!!! any info of average price range would be much appreciated! thanks!!!

  3. i would love to know the price range too i am in love but on a budget !!!

  4. Absolutely fell in LOVE with one of his dresses but I have the same problem of finding a price for not only that dress but all of them. Help?

  5. I'm sorry to say lady's that there is no official retailer in the US. They're only available in Europe and prices start at around $3,000. I wish you goo luck in the quest for your Yolanda Cris gown. :) Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.


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