Cowboy Love by Stephane Lemaire

Thanks to the Holidays, I had a three week vacation from blogging. My break allowed me to finish the January Issue of Belle, and now I'm back.
I want to cstart the year introducing a photographer who is new to El Paso. Straight from Paris France, the talented Stephane Lemaire. Looks like everyday our community is getting more and more brilliant wedding photographers, which couldn't make me any happier!
I came from a family of cowboys; I grew up riding horses, and spent my weekends at rodeos and ranches. So, now you can guess why I love this super romantic engagement session of Jessica and David. These clever images by  Stephane Lemaire where taken in a ranch here in El Paso, TX and they are so dreamy. Take a look!
Edited by Jacqueline Garcia


  1. wow, what an incredibly talented photographer! Love these shots!

  2. Love that session. Very different. David is my cousin and I love that he had the photographer incorporate my great-grandfather's pick-up truck that he passed down to him. It adds a nice touch.

  3. LOL! I can't believe it! First your sister, then you, and now your cousin... At this point I think we are going to publish your entire family on the blog or the magazine! But, you guys definitely have good taste. Your great-grandfather's pick-up truck rocks! xoxo

  4. That rundown pickup truck add so much to the photos. Some great Americana here. Lemaire does great work!


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